About table salt

The posts on these pages are about the nitty gritty of the process of integration and the creative work that comes from that process. In case the concept is not entirely familiar, what I mean by “the process of integration,” is accepting, embracing and balancing all of the parts of myself, with the goal of continuous self-improvement. How do I integrate and balance body-mind-spirit-emotional body, self-family-work-exercise-politics-community work-spiritual practice, freedom-commitment…? How do I make room in every day for making life better for myself and everyone around me without getting overwhelmed?

I started with a story of a person who gave me the best piece of unique advice I’ve ever gotten one on one. That story is about practicing the fundamentals of a skill. Now, I am fleshing out the details of my daily practice. I’ll be posting stories of people and what they’ve taught me, poetry I’ve written, answers to questions, questions to answer, and opinions I can’t resist sharing.

If you come on a journey with me, I’ll do my best to keep you safe and happy so you can revel in the ride, and come back without regrets. Thanks for your company today.


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