In the sharp waking light, the fear looked cheap
like borrowed skin flaking off to blend with common dust
It rose so sleek and impressive while wielding our strength
And even now, with the Truth crackling in the air,
We don’t know what we can do without it.

There is something here we have rarely known
The gentle hope of
open questions
The wild shared laughter of difference
The deep
er breaths of naked spirit and flesh

This day, if it be old or new
or evening
Is simpler…

What cherished wisdom wiped clean of our brows,
and raw energy
burst through our hearts,
made space for the living
and the knowing.

Through the fire our essence melts
to rise and weave our paths of healing.
We bind ourselves with love
stretched out from heartbeats and harmony …
hum, roar, whoop, whisper
and silence …
walk, sway, spin, jump
and stillness.

In the clouds of our smoke and earth’s water
the animal forms, who guards and lives

Our Commitment.
Time goes spherical
and we come home

note: The first half of this poem was written in 1996, 16 years ago, and words written then are italicized. It is a giveaway to Grandmother Pathweaver, Grandmother Fireheart and my other teachers and family in the Polar Bear apprentice group of the Buffalo Trace Society. A few words from the past were changed and left in plain text like the rest of the second half of the poem written on 10/15/12. Thank you for the safe spaces to learn, share, and grow.

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