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Daily Scales

In the bright haze of doubt only the work has meaning, not the manicured bravos whispered from a discreet distance or the perfect twist of thought or the raging grief for what has been found and lost, or painted blue … Continue reading

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Slight Change of Direction

Last night, I took a brief look at our main bank account and my heart constricted with fear. The blood started pumping faster, rushing sound to my ears. My breath moved from my chest to flutter high and shallow in … Continue reading

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If there is a single key to unlocking the universe of possibilities, it is Gratitude. What about Natural Ability, Passion, Focused Work, Practice, Mentoring, Love, Forgiveness, Truth, Nature … God? They’re all on the key ring, all things to be … Continue reading

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You have to “Play In” before you can “Play Out”

Once there was a brilliant unsung jazz musician named Grover Mooney, a big barrel-chested man with wild hair, a bitter smile and satirical eyes. When he wasn’t playing, you could feel the chaos in him. Sometimes, out of the corner … Continue reading

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What to expect from this weblog.

The posts will be about the nitty gritty of the process of integration and the creative work that comes from that process. In case the concept is not entirely familiar, what I mean by “the process of integration,” is accepting, … Continue reading

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