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Giving to Honor the Sacred

Last week I was asked to speak about why I give to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship to which I belong. All the passion and confusion and distress and joy the preparations brought up, all the intense feelings surprised me. The … Continue reading

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Vision Guardians

Not Long Ago, before the energy of Life shifted to a constant state of hurried Change, Vision Quest was sacred and A Choice   Still there are those who choose To fast from distractions food, water, words, work, escape, destruction, … Continue reading

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The Dance Season Begins

The heavy rain today seems to rise up from the earth to meet the drops falling from the sky. Quietly, I observe that I feel the tears of nature opening up opportunities in my own body, nourishing my strength while … Continue reading

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Extended Silence

Although my vow of silence ended, I have not yet learned the habit of writing. Speaking is easier now, but the joy of quiet is such a rare gift that I’m not ready to disrupt it.

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=+=+=+=+ In the sharp waking light, the fear looked cheap like borrowed skin flaking off to blend with common dust It rose so sleek and impressive while wielding our strength And even now, with the Truth crackling in the air, … Continue reading

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Silent Communication

At the end of last summer, I fell into observation. The vow of silence I’d been working to honor in short spurts of hours and days across the span of years, worked its way into my writing. Rather than the … Continue reading

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“I am whole,” was the first thought in my mind today. The thrill suffusing my body at the words was an incredible boost. It was easy to bound out of bed and dress for my walk-with-sprints in the tiny neighborhood … Continue reading

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Adoration – Heroes Part II

I don’t usually start with the words of another, but Jamie Sams put my thoughts so perfectly: “If you have adored another person, putting him or her on a pedestal, without allowing him or her to earn your esteem, it may be … Continue reading

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Guiding Truth

In the heart of magic In the fine chisel work of transformation is Love the essence of Creation the God in our machines of flesh and bone and blood and spirit.   When we embrace the hush within the vibrant … Continue reading

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Remember the French

I emerged from the sumptuous simplicity of the dance appreciating the beauty and support all around and within me. The truth of unity and healing in a peaceful state of vibrant power pulsed in my veins and the expression of … Continue reading

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