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Vision Guardians

Not Long Ago, before the energy of Life shifted to a constant state of hurried Change, Vision Quest was sacred and A Choice   Still there are those who choose To fast from distractions food, water, words, work, escape, destruction, … Continue reading

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=+=+=+=+ In the sharp waking light, the fear looked cheap like borrowed skin flaking off to blend with common dust It rose so sleek and impressive while wielding our strength And even now, with the Truth crackling in the air, … Continue reading

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Guiding Truth

In the heart of magic In the fine chisel work of transformation is Love the essence of Creation the God in our machines of flesh and bone and blood and spirit.   When we embrace the hush within the vibrant … Continue reading

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Active Resistance

Resistance for a cause is not futile however simple its form. Individuality seems chaotic, free will threatening when hubris has solidified a viewpoint into a mandate for everyone else.   If love and nature have chosen to express themselves in … Continue reading


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Daily Scales

In the bright haze of doubt only the work has meaning, not the manicured bravos whispered from a discreet distance or the perfect twist of thought or the raging grief for what has been found and lost, or painted blue … Continue reading

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If there is a single key to unlocking the universe of possibilities, it is Gratitude. What about Natural Ability, Passion, Focused Work, Practice, Mentoring, Love, Forgiveness, Truth, Nature … God? They’re all on the key ring, all things to be … Continue reading

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