Vision Guardians

Not Long Ago,

before the energy of Life shifted

to a constant state of hurried Change,

Vision Quest was sacred and

A Choice


Still there are those who choose

To fast from distractions

food, water, words, work, escape, destruction, creation,


The flood of information and stimulus

slowing to a trickle


There are those who clear and protect

the Vision Space

~ Golden pockets of Love ~

fierce and humble warriors

whose light guides the seekers home

to the truths unique to their own journey


In the shelter of that warm embrace,

Faith unfolds the roadmaps

lined with one perfect path

… or another

that weave our lives together

into a single body of community


Now the Vision Space has grown

to span the world

catching all the rest in the pulse of discovery.

Like it or not,

the Truth will come clear


And these unseemly warriors

keep watch over us all,

their steady light dancing,

their gentle comfort

keeping the Peace.


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